Advantages Over Other Biometric Fingerprint systems

02 Jun 2018
Advantages Over Other Biometric Fingerprint systems
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Advantages Over Other Biometric Fingerprint systems

There are certainly other biometric systems as well that incorporate many of the advantages associated with Fingerprint locking systems. For example, iris scanning plugs the slight potential for security breaches left by fingerprint based systems. Voice based authentication on the other hand, lets you just speak to open the door without even requiring you to place your finger on it.

However, iris scanners are very expensive as compared to fingerprint door lock systems and many people may find the experience of getting their eyes scanned, uncomfortable. While it appears perfect for high security government installations, fingerprint door lock systems are much more affordable and comfortable when its out homes or offices that are being talked about.

Similarly, despite all its advantages, voice based biometric door opening systems have a very serious flaw. The rate of failure is very high. You may have a hoarse throat or a cold and the door will remain unyielding before you, refusing to recognize your voice.

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