4 Reasons Why You Should Have Digital Lock for Your Home & Office

12 Nov 2021
4 Reasons Why You Should Have Digital Lock for Your Home & Office
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Smart locks are quickly becoming the most popular home tech/smart security device. A smart door lock is one of the easiest ways to introduce smart home devices into your daily routine. They can be a basic touch keypad that allows you to open your door without a key (no more spare keys floating around!) or a complete door locking system that is controlled from your smartphone.
Well, below are the 4 main reasons of owing yours.


4 Reasons Why You Should Have Digital Lock for Your Home & Office

  1. Accountability
Want to track how long your cleaning crew was in your home? Does the bus drop your kids off at the house before you get home from work? Have teens with a curfew? You can check the unlocking record and get to know who use the lock and the specific time.
Don’t make your family members and friends wait outside because you’re not at home. Send the eKeys to them via the mobile app so that they can let in. This is the other great benefit of using smart locking system. So, you don’t need to skip office hours or send somebody else to hand over them a key.


  1. Better Security
No more hiding keys in insecure location, the first things burglars do when attempting to break into your home is check under the doormat or in the flower pot for a spare key. This habit is extremely risky since it may cause a burglary in your home with great ease. A smart digital door lock is so convenient that you can never lock yourself out, thus allowing you to never keep a key under your doormat ever again.

  1. Convenience
Once you upgrade to keyless digital door locks, the biggest noticeable advantage you will feel is the convenience by which you can enter your home. There will be no more fumbling for keys in your purse or pocket and no more wiggling of your key in the slot and praying that it opens. All you have to is to enter your code on the panel and you’re in. Depending on the type of system you opted for, you can also use your smartphone for entry, or keep the key fob in your pocket and open the door without taking it out. A digital door lock with remote also helps you unlock your home from a distance.
  1. Device integrated
With smart home on the rise, the demand for digital lock increases too. Currently more young couples are having the interest in making their home , smarter. Unlocking your door with fingerprint , turning on the air-conditioner with your voice, opening up the curtains with your app, all these will soon be the hype in future to come. 
Digital Lock too, will also be playing a part and allow linkage to your current smart home system. With all integration complete, it's a breeze to control the different device at home all in a single app on your phone or voice command with Google Home , Amazon Alexa etc.

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